Why Go Mobile With a Coffee Bike?

Whether you are an independent coffee shop or an amusement park looking to add attractions to your space, there are plenty of reasons to invest in coffee bike services. Built on a frame like a traditional pedicab, these bikes also include all the equipment necessary to serve delicious coffee on-the-go. They make grabbing a cup of coffee easy as well as exciting for customers, and for business owners the flexibility of a coffee bike is more than enough to justify sending one out. However, these aren’t the only reason to consider going mobile with one of these bikes.

Mobile Marketing

For a coffee shop looking to gain a little more notoriety, one of these bikes can be a great way to go. By sending out a coffee bike with a sampling of your best brews, you can take your business right to customers. Not only that, but when they get a taste of what you have to offer on one of these bikes there’s a high likelihood of them coming right to your store to taste even more of your wares. Most bikes are equipped with everything you need to easily advertise, making them a great and innovative form of mobile marketing.

Low Overhead

One of the best things about having a coffee bike peddle your wares is the fact that they require so little in overhead costs. Unlike a van, which needs fuel to power it, a coffee bike is powered entirely by human energy. All a bike like this needs is someone to operate and it is good to go for however long you need it.

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