Using Sequins to Add Sparkle to Your Event

The use of sequin fabric can make anything more glamorous and fun, and its vibrant colors and textures are a bold addition to any theme. Here are some ideas for ways to sparkle up your event!


A bolt of this dazzling fabric can be used as a bold piece of drapery, without the need for any adjustments. When used in combination with a pipe and drape system, you can quickly surround the room with sequins, making a bold statement. It could also be used as a photo booth backdrop, to add that bit of fun and glamor to shots of your guests.


Do you need to cover a stage or installation until the right moment? The dramatic texture of sequin curtains provides color and movement that will draw attention without any additional effort on your part and will have guests curious about the big reveal.


Sequin fabric can make a great tablecloth that is sure to dazzle, and will draw attention to display tables, or can be used to set apart the head table at an event. A sequin tablecloth can be used for dining, in combination with a table topper to keep the surface clean. You could even use some extra fabric to create a variety of items such as chair coverings or table runners to create a cohesive and fun theme for your table settings.


Sequins aren’t just for decorating the venue! Consider sewing sequins into the clothing of your event’s main players, or incorporate sequin accessories to really bring the theme together and make sure that all eyes are on the hosts.

Sequin fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit any need, so consider incorporating this fun trend at your next event!