Tips for Purchasing a Tactical Thigh Holster

The right holster makes a difference in your draw. While some opt for shoulder holsters, others prefer the access and convenience of a tactical thigh holster. We list here are 4 tips on how you could buy the right one for you:

Try out a few

Try out a few of these thigh holsters before you make a final choice. You can go to specialty shops, look at the range of available options and give a few holsters a try. Once you find one that you think fits the bill, shop online and take advantage of discounts and deals you’re sure to find.

Go for a retention device

Easy access to your weapon is a must. But you wouldn’t want you or your kids accidentally drawing out your gun. So go for a holster that’s designed with a retention feature like a thumb-break snap. That could mean the difference between an accident happening and not. Just keep in mind to disengage the strap when you’re on the job or need to get to your weapon in record-draw time.

Pick the right material

Go with a tactical thigh holster designed to keep the gun from rubbing against you. Not all holsters come with those features, though, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for holsters that hit the mark.

Know as much as you can

There are plenty of holsters out there. You’ll want to make sure you know what those types are so you’ll be in a much better position to make the right choices, says Airsoft GI. Do your homework so you won’t have to spend money on a holster that’s entirely wrong for you.

So be wise about shopping for a holster. Turn to these tips for a handy guide to your search and you’ll find it so much easier to get your hands on the holster you need.