The Meaning Behind Mardi Gras Beads

There is a lot of history and meaning behind nearly every aspect of Mardi Gras. It’s an exciting celebration and party, but the history behind it is equally enthralling. If you’re making a trip down to New Orleans to partake in the fun, you may be wondering what has created this massive party. We offer some answers here before you startup your search for beads online.

Significance of Colors
The color and meaning of Mardi Gras beads come from Rex, who was the King of the first Carnival during the day way back in 1872. Rex was actually the Grand Duke of Russia, Alexis Romanoff. Because he was part of royalty, he used the colors of royalty for the grand celebration. These colors include gold, which stands for power, green for faith, and purple which signifies justice.

Bead Materials
Back during the days of Carnival, all of the beads for Mardi Gras were made of glass. As times changed and Mardi Gras became the de facto Louisiana party, it became clear that glass beads didn’t stand up well when tossed at crowds. This is why beads made the move from glass to plastic. You can still find some beads made of glass, as well as other materials, but plastic is the king of the ball.

Other Throw Options
In addition to the huge number of beads being tossed at parades and from second story windows, there are other items. You can find doubloons in the Mardi Gras colors. These are a throwback to the real coins thrown during Carnival. Nowadays, these are mostly plastic just like the beads. The third most common throw is cups, which are a great place to hold your beads. You may also see stuffed animals and other small toys, but this is rarer than the doubloons and cups

History Matters
Whenever you throw or catch beads, remember that more is always better. You can’t have too many beads, doubloons, or other throws to take home with you. And you will have these souvenirs to remember the celebration with. Rather than being tacky, it’s simply a part of the experience and one you should jump into if you have the chance. Enjoying MArdi Gras is enjoying and remembering the history behind it.

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