Protect Your Health with a New Mattress and Bedroom Furniture in El Paso

Your bed might be making you sick! Over half of all Americans suffer from some form of chronic sleep deprivation. Many of us think that we’re just too busy to get enough sleep. Children, jobs, stress and worry, all cause us to lose sleep. We think that four or five hours of sleep will just have to be enough. Perhaps we just lay awake for what seems like hours and then feel groggy in the morning. Some people have a physical problem such as sleep apnea which interferes with sleep. There are undoubtedly as many reasons for not enough sleep as there are poor sleepers, including your old Bedroom Furniture in El Paso.

There is an incredible amount of research being done on sleep. Sleep labs seem to be popping up everywhere. There are many health problems directly related to inadequate sleep. Decreased alertness, memory and the ability to perform tasks are some of the short term problems caused by sleep deprivation. Being tired leads to an increased number of accidents, both vehicle and on-the-job. Relationships with partners can become strained.

Sleep disorders that go untreated for a long time lead to numerous serious illnesses, including high blood pressure and heart problems. Depression is normally accompanied by poor sleep. Most of us who sleep poorly are undoubtedly aware of all this, yet frequently don’t do much to improve our sleep. A bedroom is the most personal room in the home, and should be an oasis of calm. It may be a lovely, but unhealthy room. An old mattress or one that is too soft or too firm can be preventing the kind of sleep our bodies are craving. Yet a mattress is usually the last item on the list to be replaced, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Getting a new Mattress and Bedroom Furniture in El Paso could be a wonderful investment in your health.