Overcoming Fear through Faith

Fear can keep you from pursuing everything from learning to drive to crossing a bridge. Fear is darkness in your life that can be overcome with faith. When you have the belief that God is always there to protect you it is easier to keep fear from your heart.

Shadow of Death
The bible speaks of the valley of the shadow of death where it is important to maintain your faith to avoid fear and evil. Faith allows you to walk in the face of the most terrifying dangers and still come out on the other side unscathed. This is not to say God wants everyone to live a careless life jumping from planes and swimming with sharks. It illustrates that when you are living with faith you believe that God is there and very real. Believing in God allows you to face your fears and carry on safe in the belief God’s love will protect you.

All Fears
Fear can be as simple as being worried about passing a test at school or doing well in a job interview. Fear can keep you from having confidence in yourself. Faith teaches you how to take control of your life so that fear has a harder time inferring. It shows you the importance of studying for a test using the gifts God has given you such as a mind capable of learning. It also allows you to prepare for a job interview and apply for jobs that you know you can do with an honest resume and experience behind you. Faith is honesty and knowing you are capable of anything when you put your mind to it which allows you to overcome any fears that will convince you otherwise.

God’s Message of Bravery
God wants us to be brave. It can be difficult to understand how to be brave when faced with certain challenges. A Free Prophecy Reading can provide you with a clearer message on how to find bravery to face life head on. Faith is what God provides you to overcome your fear. With a free prophecy reading you can address any of your fears and learn how God can help you overcome them.  Whenever you are faced with doubt and fear you can seek a free prophecy reading to offer insight.