New Puppy? Make Life Easier with Dog Grooming and Training

If you’ve recently had a new puppy join your family, you know what a joy and challenge dog ownership can be. There’s no better time to train your dog than right now. Starting early with training and grooming helps socialize your dog and teach good habits on how to behave with both you and strangers.

Kindergarten for Dogs

It’s never too early to start puppy training. No matter the personality or breed of your pet, there is always a benefit to demonstrating how you expect him to behave. Dogs are pack animals, and will instinctually look to you to be the leader. By establishing your leadership in a positive way now, you can set the groundwork for a long, lasting, and loving relationship with your dog.

Puppy training can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes when you come home at the end of the day, it’s tempting to just play with the puppy and let the training take a back seat. One of the advantages of a training class is that most people tend to put a higher priority on a service if it’s paid for. Another benefit of organized classes is that while it may be called ‘puppy’ training, you’ll be learning just as much as your dog. Your skilled instructor will guide you in getting to know your new puppy and finding the best way to motivate him or her to behave in the way you want. If you choose to take part in group training you’ll also be teaching your dog to be relaxed in the presence of both other dogs and humans.

It’s important to understand that during the course of training and at home, your dog will occasionally make wrong choices. But it’s only by taking these wrong choices and turning them into learning opportunities that dogs can be shown how to behave the way you want.

Like a Spa Treatment for Dogs

there is another way to teach dogs to enjoy the presence of strangers, and to encourage positive behaviors. Dog groomers are experts at helping dogs remain calm. They can often tell when a dog’s anxiety level starts to rise and will work to calm the dog, heading off a problem before it escalates. This kind of positive social experience will in turn help dogs be inclined to remain calm around humans in the outside world as well.

Of course, dog grooming at the Only has more tangible benefits. Your dog will come out of a quality grooming session looking and smelling better, and a properly trained dog groomer will be able to discuss any skin conditions or allergies, as well as picking out the best cut and style for your dog’s coat.

Whether your dog is a new puppy or an old friend, now is the time to begin the training process, as well as start a grooming routine.