Making a Statement with Boutonnieres in Des Moines

Decorative flowers serve a multitude of purposes; they brighten up a room or office, lift the spirits of the infirmed in a hospital, deliver a wonderful fragrance in the home, and convey any number of emotions when shared with special friends. Even the stodgiest of businesspeople have been known to add a splash of color to an otherwise drab suit with eye-catching Boutonnieres Des Moines.

It may be only a single flower or bud, but a boutonniere can add so much to a person’s appearance and can say quite a lot about the individual. In an era where lapel pins have superseded these floral decorations, it is easy for an individual to blend into the crowd. However, if they have a bright red carnation stuck in their buttonhole, they will be making a statement. It is worth noting that, these days, the carnation is being supplanted by the white gardenia, not only for its beauty, but for the outstanding fragrance.

Certain flowers are worn as boutonnieres, depending on the day of the year. Boesen The Florist can provide a wide selection of these. The most noted flower being poppies, worn on Veterans Day, although these are, of course artificial flowers. But roses, cornflowers, primroses, and orchids all show up prominently displayed on various days of celebration and remembrance.

The clothing industry seems to be discouraging the wearing of these flowery decorations by virtue of the fact that they have all but ceased to provide the small loop on the back of lapels required to secure the boutonniere within the buttonhole. One can still secure them using a straight pin, but, of course, over time this will damage the lapel of the suit.

These days, Boutonnieres Des Moines are primarily seen at weddings, funerals, proms, and homecomings, when formal wear is required. Although occasionally a woman will sport a boutonniere when wearing a suit, it is still more common for them to wear a corsage.

Flowers have always served to brighten things up and the boutonniere is no exception. While it’s true that it is on the decline, don’t count it out yet. There are still plenty of individuals out there who are anxious to make their own statements and a decorative flower, strategically placed, can speak volumes.