How to Raise your Children as Good Christians

As parents we must provide our children with emotional support, education, affection, life skills and spirituality. As a Christian it is important to lead by example and teach your children about Jesus sharing his stories and participating in worship at your church. However there are also many other aspects of spirituality that you can address with your children to help raise them as good Christians.

Power and Prayer

It is hard for a child to wrap their head’s around a higher power. It is important to teach them from a very early age that as a family you share a love for God and teach them to look up to heaven. Then use prayer to teach them to find comfort in God as well as to understand worship. Prayer is an excellent way to introduce loving God to children as it teaches them to trust God and turn to him when they are frightened or need support.

Share Stories and Answer Questions

Children love reading and stories and there are many wonderful children’s versions available of the bible as well as stories from the bible in story book form. These are wonderful options to begin to share God’s word with children and they will find them engaging and interesting. Make sure you answer their questions as children are very smart and will want to understand the life of Jesus and other important people in the stories you share with them. Make it a daily affair where a new story is shared and encourage questions. A free Personal Prophecy can help you have the best answers for your children.

Establish Traditions

Religious traditions are very important and will be cherished by children when they grow into adults. Each religious holiday have special ways to celebrate without losing focus on the reason for the day. Use significant events to remind children of what Jesus did for them and to teach them to love him for all he has done.

Morals and Love

Bringing your children up in a home full of love and kindness is the best way to teach them about God and his love. It will help them to develop strong moral characters and understand the importance of sharing, kindness and charity. A free personal prophecy can guide you on effective Christian parenting.