How To Buy Crystal Ball Prisms For Your Chandelier

Chandeliers are exquisite pieces of work, and most people would love to have one. You may have gotten one from a trust or estate, or may have purchased one years ago. It doesn’t matter how it came into your possession, but now, you should focus on what to add to it to make it even better. Most chandeliers come with crystal ball prisms attached at the bottom to create sparkle and ambiance. If yours are missing or have gotten broken, you may decide to get new ones.


Crystal ball prisms can be between 20 and 50 mm. They are usually faceted to catch all the sun’s rays and have a hole at the top to attach to the chandelier. Many are made from 30 percent lead, which helps to create the sheen and sparkle.

While balls are the traditional style, you may also find prism options in other shapes, including pears, squares, rectangles, octagons and tear-shaped versions. The choice is yours when determining the shape, but most people stick to round versions for their chandeliers. It is more traditional and can still look modern and chic in this day and age.


Sometimes, you can find balls of various colors, such as amber, pearl white and more. However, traditional chandeliers require clear crystal ball prisms, especially if you want to get the full rainbow spectrum from the prism. Balls work best for the prism effect because the sun will hit it at multiple points to create the fullest rainbow possible.


It’s imperative that the quality is the best possible. Choose manufacturers that sell real glass instead of acrylic or plastic. If you want something traditional for your chandelier, you’ll want to consider only clear crystals with no hues or added color.