Helpful Tips to Use T-Shirts to Raise Awareness and Money for Your Cause

Having a t-shirt fundraiser is a popular way to raise awareness and money for all sorts of causes and activities. There are some people who use t-shirts to raise some money for a local charity, while others use them to cover personal medical expenses, or even to fund a pet adoption event. Regardless of what the reason behind it is, using t-shirts for a cause in Michigan can be extremely effective.

Why is it so Easy to Raise Money with a T-Shirt?

There is no question that a t-shirt fund raiser is a great option to raise money. This method of raising funds is particularly effective because of the following:

  • The people who support you are rewarded with something that they can actually use

  • The t-shirt can be used to help and spread the word about your cause even after the fundraiser is over

Due to these two benefits, there are more and more organizations, and people, all across the country that are actively having t-shirt fundraisers each day. Some of the ways that this can be done, are highlighted here.

Raise Awareness and Funds with T-Shirts

Here you will find five effective ways that you can raise both money and awareness with the t-shirts you utilize. They include:

  • Selling the t-shirts at some type of sporting event

  • Use your branded t-shirts as a raffle prizes

  • Use the phrase “Keep Calm and …” on your t-shirt – this has become an extremely effective phrase on t-shirts recently

  • Use a website to sell your t-shirts – this is effective because once you meet a certain quota, the company makes and mails the shirts and you get all the profits

  • Create more team spirit with your t-shirts

When you have t-shirts that highlight your cause and what you are trying to do, people will want to buy them. They will actually also wear them, which means you are receiving a walking source of advertising every time the person leaves their house. This is beneficial and can help spread the word about your cause further than you ever imagined, helping you grow and do more.