Gold Ring Mountings are Among the Most Popular for Jewelry Lovers

The colored gemstone or diamond should be the centerpiece of any engagement ring but the ring mounting is an important aspect of the ring. Platinum, yellow and white gold ring mountings have been very popular for many years and right now, rose gold and black gold ring mountings are very on trend and gaining in popularity. The gold ring mountings are available in a wide variety of styles ranging from simple contemporary bezel or prong set styles to elaborate hand built filigree, pave and micro pave styles.

There is a wide variety of available gold ring mountings making it easy to accommodate different sizes and shapes of diamonds and to satisfy almost any buyer’s preferences. Careful design and manufacture of gold ring mountings ensure the safety of the gems they contain. Updating an existing engagement ring by resetting the diamonds and gems in a newly styled gold ring mounting can be a cost effective way to achieve a fresh look.

Jewelry stores will sometimes hold special remount events. At these remount events, the jeweler will bring in hundreds or even thousands of different gold ring mountings for buyers to choose from making the selection of a new, exciting and updated ring easy and fun.

Finding a jeweler that is trustworthy and makes the buyer feel comfortable is the first step to choosing a high quality gold ring mounting. Look for a jewelry store with a wide selection of gold ring mountings and choose a professional who is knowledgeable and answers you questions thoroughly and patiently. Different colors and carats of gold have different working properties that should be considered when making your selection of a gold ring mounting. Let the jeweler help you to understand these differing properties of gold so that you can make the best choice for you. A competent and qualified jeweler can assist you in selecting a gold ring mounting that will complement your diamonds and gemstones, wear well and suit your taste.

Jewelry lovers know that the color of the metal serves to highlight and complement the diamonds and gems set in a ring. A gold ring mountings come in a variety of colors including pink, white, yellow and even green making them an appropriate choice for anyone’s collection. Fine jewelers around the world are experiencing an increasing number of customers who desire the rich warm hues of gold and prefer gold to any other metal.