Get Your Brittle Nails Under Control

Imagine you are having a wonderful day out on the town with a close friend. You just grabbed some lunch and now you are at one of your favorite stores looking for deals on some new styles. You are happily looking through racks of clothing, slinging hangers aside as you search for the perfect top to wear this weekend — and then it happens — the mother of all retail-therapy-ruining experiences.

The Problem

Yep. It is a broken nail, and we are not talking about a little chip in your nail polish. You have ripped the nail on your index finger almost below the cuticle. Maybe you could have stopped it if you had filed your nails down a couple days ago. Maybe snipping that hangnail this morning might have saved you. You can’t change the past though, and now you have to live with a broken nail. Not only is your ripped nail painful now, but you also cannot possibly go back to rifling through fabrics. It will just keep getting caught on clothing, and ripping it off isn’t an option since the break is so deep. Luckily, your friend is prepared for anything (this is the great thing about shopping with your best friend), and she pulls a bandage from her purse that you temporarily wrap around your finger. While it works for the moment, it is not the look you are going for in the long term, and you know that you’ll eventually have to do something to remedy the break

The Remedy

Luckily, your friend seems to know everything and she pulls out the cure for your brittle nails in the form of Probelle nail repair products. It does not take you long to realize that these products really work and should be in your purse too. Our Formula 1 nail hardener is designed to be applied to split nails to stop the problem from getting worse. We recommend that application becomes part of your daily routine for a few weeks after a break, as it usually takes that long for nails to become healthy again. We also offer relief in the form of other nail repair products like our Probelle Formula 2. If fungus has been a problem for you, look no further for something that will put a stop to it. Formula 2 works to address the problem of brittle nails and treats fungus at the same time using garlic and lime extracts.