Fun Party Favors for Kids

When it comes to party favors for kids you are probably looking at everything and thinking, “Been there, done that!” Your child’s taste change faster than you can come up with something new to please both them and their friends. Some parents choose a themed birthday party while others tend to go with the flow. One aspect of a child’s party that never changes is the idea of party favors. Keep reading to learn more about some unique party favors and how much they are going to cost you.

Chocolate Coins

Another thing that hardly ever changes about kids is that they tend to adore chocolate. That is why chocolate candy coins make an excellent party favor idea for kids. You can even create miniature treasure chests filled with chocolate coins and use them as party favors to take home with them. You can even create a treasure hunt for the kids and make it a contest to see who gets the most chocolate coins. Not only is it a fun idea for the kids, but also a delicious one. You can typically buy these in bulk online for a reasonable cost.

Mini Gum Ball Machines

Not only do kids like chocolate, but they tend to like bubble gum as well. A manufacturer has recently created mini-gum ball machines for this very purpose. Many parents are using these as party favors at their child’s birthday party. They come with 30 mini gum balls inside and should only be given to children who are over the age of 3. You can buy these separately online or purchase them in bulk if you are having a large party.

Coloring Books

If your child isn’t into sweets, another good option for their party is a customized coloring book. All of the children who attend the party will be surprised to see a coloring book customized with their name on it. You can even make them into a specific theme such as Batman or princesses, depending on what your child is interested in. This is a good option even with the sweets!

If you are having a difficult time coming up with fun party favors for your child’s birthday party, all of these are great options to get started with. You won’t have to spend a great deal of money to make your child’s birthday filled with chocolate, candy, or color.