Fox Lighting Galleries Wholesale Electrical And Lighting Distributor In Chicago

Since 1953, we’ve been the wholesale suppliers of lamps in Chicago for your residential and commercial needs. With over 1,500 lamps to select from, undoubtably you’ll find the product you want. The types of lamps we sell include desk lamps, table lamps, accent lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps. pharmacy lamps, torchieres lamps and arc lamps.

We offer excellent customer support through our Residential Lighting and Commercial Lighting Divisions. Both are staffed by Certified Lightning Specialists and Certified Electrical Professionals to assist you in getting lamps in Chicago that best for you in purpose, style and efficiency.

Since we know that energy conservation is important to you, we have also have an Energy Services Division. It helps guide businesses in selecting products that reduce energy consumption.

Lamps help light up a room or area and set its mood too. A lamp’s style also helps to create ambience. It may be traditional, transitional or modern. Even though the popularity of a lamp of the traditional type—influenced by the 18th- and 19th-centuries—could wane, it will never go completely out of style.

A transitional lamp is midway between the traditional and modern style. One way it updates the traditional style is by not being too elaborate. Other styles that we sell are art glass, contemporary, country, Tiffany, tropical and kids.

Finish helps to bring decors together. The offer them in aluminum, black, blue, brass, bronze, brown, chrome, clear, copper, frosted, gold or a combination of them. Our knowledgeable associates will help you find the product that’s right in purpose and function. We also understand that our customers have different budgets. Our products come in a range of prices.

Fox Lighting Galleries is your one-stop supply house for lighting. Contact us today for assistance in choosing lamps in Chicago. Visit us at website