Chiavari Chair Cover Designs For Any Event

The Chiavari chair, which is sometimes also called a Tiffany chair, is one of the more elegant options in any type of venue. These are a very classic chair that may be made of wood or plastic but always features a taller back with cross pieces and a more elaborate vertical and horizontal pattern at the top. There are also rails across the legs of the chair, usually two on the front and sides and one on the back.

Since the Chiavari chair is a classic and beautiful design, choosing a Chiavari chair cover that doesn’t hide or cover up the look of the chair is important. Many different styles of chair back covers look terrific on these chairs, and the different designs are perfect for different types of events from formal to more casual.

Glitzy and Glamorous

For special events such as awards dinners, corporate parties, birthdays, graduations or even for anniversaries and weddings a glitz fabric that slips over the chair back and hangs down to the floor gives a wonderful look to a room.

These come in a wide range of colors and can be mixed and matched or uniform in their color. They are terrific paired with a solid colored tablecloth and napkins and, if you are lighting with candles, the effect is visually stunning.

Romantic and Soft

For a wedding, anniversary or perhaps for an afternoon luncheon on a lovely spring or summer day a ruffled organza Chiavari chair cover gives an elegant touch. These will provide just a hint of color while the organza fabric will clearly allow the style of the chair to show through.
The texturing provided by the ruffles and layers makes a whimsical additional without being heavy or over the top.

Another option that is very antique in its style is an embroidered or flocked veil type of cover. This slips over the back of the chair, and the embroidery and flocked pattern is clearly visible, giving a vintage look that is impossible not to notice.


For a classic look consider a rosette style of Chiavari chair cover. The three-dimensional look of the rosettes gives a dramatic look, and the cover can be allowed to hang straight down the back or it can be gathered at the center with a tie or clamp for that extra touch.

For a simple and more casual look, a spandex cover is a sleek and stylish option. These are great for any event and are certainly designed to let the look of the chair take center stage.