Buy Your Own Custom CS GO Karambit Skins Online!

The Karambit is one of the most popular knives used by millions of players on CS GO. Counter-Strike became a global phenomenon when it was released back in 2001 and the Counter-Strike 1.6 version was played by people from all over the globe. In total, billions of hours of game time was registered on Valve’s servers over the complete lifespan of Counter-Strike 1.6. After many years, Valve eventually decided to release Counter-Strike Global Offensive, also commonly stylized as CS GO. It wasn’t long before the game became a major hit amongst players.

In order to generate money from the game, Valve has an in-game microtransactions system. This allows people to buy items such as custom CS GO Karambit skins, gun skins, and a lot more. Most of the items are aesthetic in nature but the prices vary based on the rarity of the skin. Needless to say, these skins look really pretty in game. If you are interested in purchasing an actual Karambit claw knife that has a similar skin as the one you use in your game, Blade City is the best option!

What We Do

As the name suggests, Blade City is an online store that sells a wide variety of blades, swords, knives, and hunting daggers. We started getting a lot of requests from our valued customers about introducing custom CS GO Karambit skins. Staying true to our values of putting the customer first before all else, we introduced a range of different knives and Karambits in a multitude of different skins. In fact, we even have a custom knife ordering option through which you can show us the type of skin that you want and we will make it for you. We don’t just deal in Karambit skins and other types of Karambits; we also sell battle ready katanas and a lot more. You can visit our website in order to browse through the extensive variety of products that we have available to buy exactly what you need.

Why Buy From Blade City?

One of the main reasons why so many customers prefer buying their knives and daggers through us is because we pay very close attention to the quality of our products. All of the knives that are sold at Blade City pass through a rigorous quality assurance procedure to ensure that they won’t shatter easily. We are also available to assist our customers with anything that they want to buy from our store. Our prices are the best in the business and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the products. Head over to our store to find what you need!