An Ipe or Brazilian wood deck is an investment for life

In summertime, there are few things that homeowners look forward to more than being able to sit out on a deck, perhaps have a barbecue, and enjoy the sun on their faces and the sounds of nature around them. The problem with most decks though, depending on the material from which they’re constructed, is that summer time also means an enormous amount of maintenance before the decks are able to be used. With softer woods, homeowners usually need to sand down their decks and to re-varnish them on an annual basis. Then the varnish has to dry, while other inspections take place to ensure that none of the timber has rotted, particularly if there have been heavy snowfalls during the winter months. Looking for termites that may have made a home is also something that is a problem for many who are anticipating spending time on their decks.

The advantage of using Brazilian wood decking

Brazilian walnut, also known as Ipe, is becoming increasingly popular as a material for decks because it solves all the problems mentioned above. The wood is incredibly strong and very durable, mostly because the fibers of the wood are very tightly packed together. The wood is also extremely attractive and is dark in appearance. When you hear the expression ‘tough as nails’ this applies to Ipe decks, and the wood will splinter much less readily when a nail is driven into it. Being very dense, this wood is also naturally resistant to insect damage and will not attract mildew. In fact, these Ipe decks have been known to last for 50 years or longer, which is incredible when compared with softer woods.

Enjoying the pleasures of an Ipe deck

Another pleasant aspect of an Ipe deck is that it doesn’t get as hot as other woods. As a result, you can walk on it barefoot even on a very hot day. As it’s so strong, it doesn’t splinter easily, so you won’t need to protect your feet against this. In every way, an Ipe deck is an investment you’ll appreciate for countless decades.