All You Need To Know About Prophecies

Prophecies state that only a man is permanent, whereas the soul is eternal.  You can choose your paths as you wish, but it is the soul that will continue to live on far beyond that of your mortal body. Where you will spend the rest of eternity depends on your own life choices. The bible is a miracle in its own way, it was written over a period of 1,600 years by around 40 authors speaking four different languages on three different continents. Yet it harmoniously flows through each chapter as if it was from the same mind. This alone is proof of Gods wisdom. He came to these prophets and scribed to them his wishes, his work and his beliefs. By doing so, he also documented prophecies for the future, to aid his people should they stray from his path.

The Bible and Personal Prophecies

If God can commute to his prophets about his own work, then it is possible for him to pass on help and guidance about his followers. When you receive an online personal prophecy, you receive in Gods own words his plan for you. Just as he wrote in the bible the prophecies for the world, he has his own set of prophecies for his people. It’s hard to follow a prophecy without first knowing what it is, and this varies from person to person. Imagine if you knew your own prophecy, the power and enlightenment would be outstanding. You could heed Gods advice, and follow the exact path he intended for you, securing your place on the path of light and his kingdom.

What Is Included With an Online Prophecy?

When you request your prophecy, you will be told several things. You may be told what to do in your life to make you a better person, or you may be told warnings to help you for the future. Whatever you receive, it is important that you treasure this holy advice, as it will serve you well in times to come. Many prophets deliver their personal prophecies online, so it has never been easier to receive yours today. Some prophecies even include bible quotes related to your situation, so you can truly relate to the power of our Lord.

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